Dark Season 2

by - July 30, 2019

Dark season 2

On Netflix I have been watching the German series called "Dark". Season 2 was released in June this year. It has been a while ago, since I watched season 1, which was aired in December 2017. So I kinda had some catching up to do.

I think Dark is one of the most interesting series till date. One thing you must know, is that you really need to pay attention to this serie, otherwise you'll be lost completely. The storyline can get very complex.

If you are into sci-fi drama, this serie is for you. I'd suggest you to watch the original German version, which is always the best in my opinion. I didn't expected myself to love this serie so much, after watching season 2, the serie lingered on my mind for days.

I do want to express my thoughts of Season 2 now in this post, so please skip reading the review below if you still need to watch the season!

Jonas Kahnwald
Jonas Kahnwald aka Louis Hofmann in Dark Season 2

Wow, I did not expected season 2 would be giving me more questions than answers! I really enjoyed each and every episode. The actor who plays the young Jonas, Louis Hofmann, is such a talent! He really moves me during the whole season. The way he expresses himself, is just mindblowing, wow!

I still have a hard time understanding all the things that happened in Season 2, some is really hard to grasp. Like the scene with Charlotte and Elisabeth, is a total mindf**k to me. I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but I found Adam really creepy. After finishing the series I had a few sleepless nights.

If you have watched the series, please leave me a comment below!

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