Steak Bulgogi at Wagamama

by - August 05, 2019

Steak Bulgogi at Wagamama

On saturday we decided to go to Antwerp for a day of shopping. In the weekends we sometimes like to go spontaneously to another city, we quite enjoy exploring cities.

It was quite crowded in Antwerp as expected, but it was nice. We did not shopped as much as we thought we would. I think the sale is now almost ended everywhere. In the end I bought a gift and not much for myself.

In the evening we decided to have dinner at Wagamama. I actually never been to the Wagamama in Antwerp, but of course I have been to the one in Amsterdam and Roermond outlet before.

First we ordered a fruit juice, this is my favorite drink at Wagamama. To be honest I really like steak and kimchi, so for dinner I went for the Steak Bulgogi.

The marinated sirloin steak with bulgogi sauce was very yummy, along with the soba noodles. With this dish there is also some miso-fried aubergine, which I absolute adore. I haven't had kimchi for a while now, but it was delicious. It was a nice meal after a day of shopping.

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